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Ayurgram Health Care

Poultry Products

  • Calciboost Liquid

    Calciboost Liquid

    Clear Calcium Solution with Phosphorus & Vitamins For Poultry

    Advantages :

    • Improves productivity and performance.
    • Promotes growth and helps in weight gain.
    •  Builds strong bones
  • Mintomust Liquid

    Mintomust Liquid

    Eucalyptus Oil Based Herbal Respiratory tonic

    Benefits :

    • Support ease in respiration
    • Keep respiratory system free from mucus
    • Promote mucus dilution
    • Reduces risk of stress,
  • Dirout Powder

    Dirout Powder

    Protection to cope with Diarrhoea & Dysentery

    Benefits :

    • Maintain gut health
    • Maintain digestion
    • Helps in proper protein utilization
    • Helps in protecting from
  • Nephofit Liquid

    Nephofit Liquid

    Natural kidney flusher & Nephritis

    NEPHOFIT is herbal combination of kidney stimulant and protectant herbs, immuno modulator and toxin binders keeps poultry and swine in safe and healthy state.


  • Ayurvit AD3 E Liquid

    Ayurvit AD3 E Liquid

    Vitamins are major components of Poultry nutrition. In addition to their daily need, the need for vitamins increases under different conditions like transportation, chick stage, vaccination, environmental stresses, myco-toxicosis, disease

  • B-Boost Liquid

    B-Boost Liquid

    Liquid supplements of Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin C with Amino Acids

    Advantages :

    • Stress Reliever
    • Improves Feed Utilization
    • Improve Egg Production in Layers
    • Improve growth rate
  • Toxilock Powder

    Toxilock Powder

    Birds & Animals suffer from various diseases because of increase susceptibility. Toxilock is formulation which helps to come out these toxins form the body rendering birds & animals in diseased Free State. Toxilock  acts as binding

  • Acidpro Liquid

    Acidpro Liquid

    Poultry Feed Acidifier, Detoxifier & Mould Inhibitor promotes healthy gut

    Indications :

    • To reduce the pathogen load
    • To improve the FCR
    • To prevent respiratory problem due to increase
  • Respstrong Powder

    Respstrong Powder

    Respstrong herbal mint based preparation to support healthy respiratory system and support ease in breathing.

    Benefits :

    • Strength against respiratory diseases
    • Optimizes respiratory functions
  • Ayurmeth Powder

    Ayurmeth Powder

    Methionine is an essential amino acid needed for healthy and productive poultry.Ayurmeth is the natural herbal alternate to dl-Methionine that has same mechanism of action in the body as of the synthetic dl-methionine. Amino acids are essential

  • Ayurlysine Powder

    Ayurlysine Powder

    Natural Bioactivity Replacer for Synthetic L-Lysine

    Lysine is an essential amino acid which plays a major role in optimising the growth and production performance of broilers, layers and breeders. Although lysine is present in various

  • Immuboost Powder

    Immuboost Powder

    Type : Immune Booster

    Brand Name : Ayurgram

    Color : White

    Form : Liquid, Powder

    Packaging Type : Bottles, Plastic Bags

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