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Ayurgram Health Care

Cattle Products



    A Unique Combination of Liver Boosting and Appetite Stimulant Herbs with Liver Extract , Amino Acids & Vitamin B Complex


         Each 100 ml contains  :



    Function : Animal Feed

  • Ayurmilk Gold Liquid

    Ayurmilk Gold Liquid

    New Generation Milk Booster Supplement with Highly Bio-available Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamins, Chelated Minerals & Galactagogue Herbs

    Benefits :

    • Nutritional Supplement with Energy for Instant Milk
  • Ayurmilk Strong Liquid

    Ayurmilk Strong Liquid

    Double Strength of Calcium formula, Vitamins and Herbs to increase milk output


    • Overcomes Calcium & Phosphorus Deficiency
    • Improves Production of Milk & Fat %.
    • Easy
  • Ayurcal Gel

    Ayurcal Gel

    Super Strong Ionic & Elemental Calcium Enriched with Carbohydrates, Calcium Propionate, Calcium Gluconate & Energy

    Ayurmilk Gel maintains availability of Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamins & Galactagogue herbs to improve

  • Ayurmilk Bolus

    Ayurmilk Bolus

    Unique Combination of Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, E, H, B12, D3, Leptadenia Reticulata , Asparagus Racemosus  & Energy

    Benefits :

    • Increase Milk Production
    • Easy let down of
  • Reprosol Super

    Reprosol Super

    Chelated Minerals, Vitamins & Galactagogue Formulation with extra power of omega 3 fatty acids for Improve Fertility & Productivity

    Benefits :

    • Treat Infertility & Repeat
  • Udershakti-IH Liquid

    Udershakti-IH Liquid

    Strong Multivitamin Tonic for improved productivity & Better Udder Development

    Advantages :

    • Better Udder Development
    • Improves Productivity & Growth
    • Optimum Milk
  • Hepashakit-DS Liquid

    Hepashakit-DS Liquid

    A Unique Combination of  Liver  Boosting And Appetite Stimulant Herbs With Liver Extract ,Iron Tonic, Amino Acids & Vitamin B Complex

    Benefits :

    • Improves Liver Health &
  • Garbhashakti Tonic

    Garbhashakti Tonic

    Herbal Ecbolic & Uterine Tonic with Galactagogues & Antistress Herbs

    Benefits :

    • Easy & Timely Expulsion of Placenta
    • Timely Involution of Uterus
    • Optimum Milk Production after
  • Enervet Liquid

    Enervet Liquid

    Oral Complete Liquid Supplement of Essential Nutrient Antioxidant & Hepatoprotective

    Benefits :

    • Improves post-calving health & production
    • Optimizes the milk production thereby helps in
  • Hepashakit-PRO Powder

    Hepashakit-PRO Powder

    Unique Combination of Probiotics, Amino Acids, Liver Extract, Seaflora & HSCAS

    Benefits :

    • Helps to Reestablish Microflora
    • Enhances Fiber Digestion
    • Improves Nutrient
  • Mastimix Granules

    Mastimix Granules

    Nutritional supplement of organic minerals, coated vitamins, fortified with Synbiotics enzymes udder pH regulators

    Advantages :

    • Supports in the treatment of Mastitis
    • Reduces the inflammation of
  • Anicool-C Liquid

    Anicool-C Liquid

    Electrolyte with Vitamin C for Stress & Metabolic Regulation

    Benefits :

    • Stabilizes Rumen pH to protect from dehydration & anxiety
    • Overcomes stress during vaccination &

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