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Poultry Products

  • Calciboost Liquid

    Calciboost Liquid

    Clear Calcium Solution with Phosphorus & Vitamins For Poultry

    Advantages :

    • Improves productivity and performance.
    • Promotes growth and helps in weight gain.
    •  Builds strong bones
  • Mintomust Liquid

    Mintomust Liquid

    Eucalyptus Oil Based Herbal Respiratory tonic

    Benefits :

    • Support ease in respiration
    • Keep respiratory system free from mucus
    • Promote mucus dilution
    • Reduces risk of stress,
  • Dirout Powder

    Dirout Powder

    Protection to cope with Diarrhoea & Dysentery

    Benefits :

    • Maintain gut health
    • Maintain digestion
    • Helps in proper protein utilization
    • Helps in protecting from
  • Nephofit Liquid

    Nephofit Liquid

    Natural kidney flusher & Nephritis

    NEPHOFIT is herbal combination of kidney stimulant and protectant herbs, immuno modulator and toxin binders keeps poultry and swine in safe and healthy state.


  • Ayurvit AD3 E Liquid

    Ayurvit AD3 E Liquid

    Vitamins are major components of Poultry nutrition. In addition to their daily need, the need for vitamins increases under different conditions like transportation, chick stage, vaccination, environmental stresses, myco-toxicosis, disease

  • B-Boost Liquid

    B-Boost Liquid

    Liquid supplements of Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin C with Amino Acids

    Advantages :

    • Stress Reliever
    • Improves Feed Utilization
    • Improve Egg Production in Layers
    • Improve growth rate
  • Toxilock Powder

    Toxilock Powder

    Birds & Animals suffer from various diseases because of increase susceptibility. Toxilock is formulation which helps to come out these toxins form the body rendering birds & animals in diseased Free State. Toxilock  acts as binding

  • Acidpro Liquid

    Acidpro Liquid

    Poultry Feed Acidifier, Detoxifier & Mould Inhibitor promotes healthy gut

    Indications :

    • To reduce the pathogen load
    • To improve the FCR
    • To prevent respiratory problem due to increase
  • Respstrong Powder

    Respstrong Powder

    Respstrong herbal mint based preparation to support healthy respiratory system and support ease in breathing.

    Benefits :

    • Strength against respiratory diseases
    • Optimizes respiratory functions
  • Ayurmeth Powder

    Ayurmeth Powder

    Methionine is an essential amino acid needed for healthy and productive poultry.Ayurmeth is the natural herbal alternate to dl-Methionine that has same mechanism of action in the body as of the synthetic dl-methionine. Amino acids are essential

  • Ayurlysine Powder

    Ayurlysine Powder

    Natural Bioactivity Replacer for Synthetic L-Lysine

    Lysine is an essential amino acid which plays a major role in optimising the growth and production performance of broilers, layers and breeders. Although lysine is present in various

  • Immuboost Powder

    Immuboost Powder

    Type : Immune Booster

    Brand Name : Ayurgram

    Color : White

    Form : Liquid, Powder

    Packaging Type : Bottles, Plastic Bags

  • Garlicboost Powder

    Garlicboost Powder

    Combination of Garlic, Ginger & Trachyspermum ammi for the Effection management of Gut

    Benefits :

    • Promotes to improve general health
    • Improves the appetite and helps to produce better quality
  • C-Boost Powder

    C-Boost Powder

    Natural replacement to synthetic Vitamin C with bioflavonoids with mint

    Benefits :

    • Adaptogenic effect protects the bird from the ill effects of production stress and other stresses
    • Enhances and
  • Ayurvit-A Liquid

    Ayurvit-A Liquid

    Liquid feed supplement of Vitamin A for poultry feeding

    Advantages :

    • Improves weight gain and faster growth
    • Helpful for hatchability, fertility and egg production in poultry
    • Maintain
  • Rapidgrow Liquid

    Rapidgrow Liquid

    Poultry Growth Promoter and Immunity Tonic

    Advantages :

    • Provides optimum growth
    • Improves productivity and performance
    • Delivers maximum protein, fat and body weight
    • Stress
  • Coocirin Powder

    Coocirin Powder

    Coccirin preparation supports good gut health in poultry. It helps in maintaining protective layer to keep the functioning of intestinal tract free from the risk of microorganism and contaminants. It helps in improving feed intake, increases

  • Hepashakti Liquid

    Hepashakti Liquid

    A Unique Combination of  Liver  Boosting And Appetite Stimulant Herbs With Liver Extract ,Iron Tonic, Amino Acids & Vitamin B Complex

    Benefits :

    • Improves Liver Health &
  • Reprosol Chelated

    Reprosol Chelated

    Type : Pure

    Form : Liquid

    Shelf Life : 1 Year

    Grade : Superior

    Use : Poultry

  • Ayursel E Powder

    Ayursel E Powder

    Type : Pure

    Form : Powder

    Color : White

    Use : Poultry Feed

    Shelf Life : 1 Year

  • Ayurcol Powder

    Ayurcol Powder

    Type : Pure

    Form : Powder

    Color : Grey

    Use : Poultry

    Shelf Life : 1 Week

  • Anicool-P Liquid

    Anicool-P Liquid

    Type : Pure

    Form : Liquid

    Shelf Life : 1 Year

    Use : Poultry

    Pack in : Plastic Bottle

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